Leaking roof? New roof? Flat roof? Green roof? Re-roofing?

We install roofing membranes for all roof types: residential and commercial.

The peace of mind and long-term savings gained from selecting the right roofing membrane can never be underestimated.

Weldtec Roofing AucklandWe use the best roofing membranes out there. ARDEX WPM 1000 Weldable Waterproofing Membrane is a trusted, proven roofing membrane system that is suitable for all roof types.

Auckland homeowners and architects love creating smooth, waterproof, attractive, usable, flat and feature roofs. Using ARDEX Butynol installed by approved applicators, like Auckland Roofers, means you can enjoy those fabulous roofs with confidence. Membrane roofing systems can be used to cover very large roofs or complex roof shapes. They have a low-profile finish, can be used for gutters and can be laid to lower falls than most other roofing materials.

Roofing membranes can also be used to waterproof car decks, warm roofs, green roofs and internal gutters, even if the roofing material is not of the same material, for example, a long-run metal roof draining into a membrane gutter.

Roof Waterproofing Membrane

Flat roofs are increasingly popular, as they optimise the use of the site envelope. However, as roof slopes lessen, the risk of water getting trapped if waterproofing membranes, gutters and overflows are not installed perfectly increases, leading to leaky buildings, and as we have seen in Auckland, millions of dollars’ worth of damage.

Roofing membranes must be exceptionally durable and perfectly installed to satisfy the NZ Building Code and keep water out of buildings. ARDEX WPM 1000 Weldable Waterproofing Membrane is a versatile rubber membrane that can be heat welded. It is ideal for waterproofing rooftops, decks, green roofs, and internal gutters.

To ensure long-term, good quality protection and a roof that meets NZ’s stringent building regulations, the specification, roof design, installation, and the roofing membrane itself are all critical. Problems in waterproofing membranes only arise through inappropriate product selection and/or poor installation.

Why? Because a roof’s performance is dependent upon using the right roofing membrane, the correct design detailing and being installed by fully trained operatives, followed up with regular inspection and maintenance.

ardex butynolARDEX WPM 1000 will protect against water, regardless of whether it is laid on a high-pitched roof with a good run-off or a flat roof. The synthetic rubber membrane resists heat, sunlight and ozone, is tough and also remains flexible even at low temperatures.

Butynol roofing and waterproof decks are our specialty. We are known for being one of the top Butynol applicators in Auckland and we have been roofing with Butynol and related waterproof roofing membranes for more than 20 years. This means we know what we’re doing, and in our experience, a robust waterproofing system properly installed always delivers significant long-term benefits.

You don’t need to worry about our installations. Over the decades, ARDEX has developed training programmes to ensure that applicators of ARDEX Butynol are specially trained and experienced. Roofers Auckland offer extensive consultation services and we are experienced, approved Ardex waterproof membrane applicators.

waterproof roofing nzARDEX has a long, proud history and has been used to waterproof thousands of buildings in New Zealand, Australia and the South Pacific. It is deal for use as a single layer membrane in horizontal or vertical applications. The strong, continuous membrane adds security and the heat-welded installation ensures a fast roofing job. ARDEX WeldTec™ Waterproofing Membranes contain Impervashield technology, giving flexibility, versatility and the quick application that come from incorporating welded seams.

For a complete building solution to waterproofing membranes ARDEX is your best choice. A locally-manufactured, energy efficient product that has been proven to stand the test of time, and moisture.

WeldTec-roofing membranes


  • Resistant to tearing, flex-cracking, bubbling and abrasions
  • Respected or its very strong water tight laps 
  • A unique continuous water proofing membrane
  • Quick to install – even on large roof gardens 
  • A versatile vapour barrier
  • Guaranteed 100% watertight thanks to heat welded laps and seams.

ARDEX Butynol is BRANZ appraised and has been proven to provide a durable, extremely long-lasting roofing system with the flexibility to conform to the shape of virtually any roofing profile.

Talk to us about ARDEX WeldTEC, robust membrane waterproofing systems that can be designed, installed, and enjoyed with confidence for decades. Call our team of butynol roofers on 0800 766 328 now or email us via our Roofers Auckland contact page.