For Skylight installations in Auckland talk to the roofing team on 0800 766 328. We can assist and guide you in selecting the best skylight design for your home or commercial building so you can take advantage of natural light that is freely available.

Skylights can have the added advantage of reducing your lighting costs, but can also allow more warmth into your house or building. Another added advantage is that they are aesthetically pleasing. You can choose from designs that best suit your decor and building style. Well glazed skylights provide superior heat and sound insulation along with improved strength and safety and can help create a statement in your home as well as be totally functional.

Experienced Skylight Installers

Incorrectly flashed skylights are notorious for leaking and slowly creating a leaky home. By using our team of skylight installers you can avoid this. We are licensed building practitioners so you know the installation will be done correctly the first time.

Why take an unnecessary risk? Use installers who are experienced and knowledgeable and can carryout your Auckland skylight installation correctly the first time.

To discuss your needs call free 0800 766 328 now or email us using the contact form at the top of the page.