Steel Roof

Corrugated Iron

Without a doubt Colorsteel®  is one of New Zealand’s best known brands of roofing and an exceptionally popular choice when roofing your Auckland commercial building or putting a roof on your home.

As Auckland roofers we can offer you a wide range of popular colours and profiles ensuring you get the look and feel you want.

You can choose between Colorsteel® Endura™ and Colorsteel® Maxx™ which are both prepainted steel and excellent roofing iron.

These two types of roofing have been especially designed to deal with the ever changing climate we experience throughout Auckland. To discuss more about your new roofing requirements email us at Roofers Auckland.

24 Prepainted Roof Colours

With a choice of 24 inspirational colours inspired by the NZ environment the Colorsteel® Endura™ pre-painted steel range will suit almost any home or commercial roof. The range of pre-painted colour will allow you to blend into your landscape or create a statement.

Given that many Aucklanders live on or close to the coast it’s important to use a steel roof that will meet these coastal conditions.

Colorsteel® Maxx™ does just that. With this range of pre-painted steel roofing you can choose from 12 colours allowing you to match your environment in the most appropriate way.

Because Colorsteel® comes in such a wide range of colours and a metal roof makes up such a large part of a building you can really create something different should you want. Pre-painted steel roofing is suitable for almost all designs and can be molded into gentle curves along with the popular long run roof.

Colorsteel® Roofing, Gutters, Fascia & Cladding

You can create the right look for you house or commercial building by not only using Colorsteel® on your roof but for your gutters and fascias too. Not only is Colorsteel® a popular roofing choice but it’s continuing to become a popular wall cladding as well. We have more info about this product on our Colorsteel roofing page.

Metal Roofing

here are other metal roofing types on the market and other similar painted steel roofing products on the market but Colorsteel® is the most reputable and best performing steel roof solution and that’s why you see it all across the North Shore to South Auckland.

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