A Zinc roof offers ultimate in looks and durability.

Zinc Roofing

because of the amazing architectural lines that are created and the longevity of zinc roofing.

Are you sick of the maintenance required on your current roof? Regular washing, de-moulding, repainting… It’s simply one more unpleasant chore to add to your list of building maintenance chores. However, this need not be the case! If you install a zinc roof you can have decades of life with little or no maintenance! Zinc roofs are almost the perfect roofing material. Zinc is becoming one of architect’s favorite roofing materials, because of its versatility in use, flexibility and appearance.

The Ideal Roof

Zinc is a very durable building material and has excellent corrosion resistance like copper roofing. Zinc roofing makes an excellent investment due to it’s natural ability to resist corrosion. A zinc roof can last four times longer than a traditional steel roof. You may of seen in photos the “blue roofs” in France like those in Paris. These “blue roofs” are zinc and zinc has been used there for almost two centuries. This product certainly stands the test of time!

Being environmentally conscious should always be an aspect of every New Zealand home. Another upside of a zinc roof is that the material can be recycled, so any waste during roofing is ultimately reused. Scratches and imperfections that can appear in a roof are virtually removed by the aging of the zinc and this aging / protective barrier it builds up reduces or even removes the need for regular maintenance.

Why Zinc Roofs are Popular


Virtually zero maintenance!

This saves you time and money, as there is no need for regular repainting etc.



Zinc roofs can last in excess of 100 years (in preferred conditions), and most suppliers give a warranty of 50 years if it is installed by a certified tradesman. This saves you big time, as you will not be having to re-roof your home every few decades, as is common with other roofing materials.


Eco friendly

Zinc roofs are 100% recyclable, not to mention their longevity means that you will only require one roof in contrast to the 3+ that are commonly required over the same period if other materials are used. • Lightweight – This reduces transport costs dramatically.


Fire resistant.



 No vegetation such as moss/lichen/algae will be able to grow on your roofing, eliminating one of the main maintenance causes, and creating a more aesthetically pleasing result.


Non-toxic runoff

so you can collect water straight off your roof. • Aesthetics – The patina finish is often desirable in terms that it can be a design feature that is becoming increasingly popular with architects. Zinc roofs are also popular with homes in rural/beautiful settings who want to create an unobtrusive home that blends in with the landscape, as the grey zinc patina can merge in with the sky.



Zinc is highly malleable, this means that it can be used easily for a variety of roofing styles including curved roofs.

Zinc Roofing Options

There are a few options when it comes to zinc roofing. You can choose from natural zinc look, pre-weathered, textured and a look known as Anthra. The weathered and textured options are titanium zinc which is subjected to specific processes to create the desired look. 

Zinc Roof Profiles

Along with a number of “colour” options you can choose from a number of profiles, they are:

  • Single-lock standing seam.
  • Double-lock standing seam.
  • Batten cap
  • Batten seam
  • Snap lock

Different zinc roof profiles help create a unique look for your home.

Different zinc roof profiles help create a unique look for your home. Some roofing profiles are ideal for low pitched roofs where the climate is extreme or where specific shapes are desired in the roof shape. Sharp looks or a more subtle look can be achieved by the correct choice of profile. For a commercial application where there is the potential for damage some profiles allow easier future repair. Zinc can also be used as an excellent cladding system because of the look that can be created alongside it’s maintenance free qualities.To discuss your requirements for zinc roofing complete the contact form top right of this page.

Possible Drawbacks

Unfortunately there are 2 main considerations associated with having a zinc roof:

Cost Zinc roofs are fairly expensive initially. While this can be a deterrent, it is worth considering that while the initial cost is higher, the roof will last much longer than tile or asphalt, and as such will be more cost effective over the course of its lifetime. Incorrect Installation Like any roof, there can be problems if it is incorrectly installed.

With Zinc roofing the major problems come if the wrong fittings are used i.e nails/bolts made of stainless steel. This is called bi-metallic corrosion, and is essentially when two metals are used on the same roof, and the one material is prevented (somewhat) from corrosion while the other has an increased rate of corrosion.  It is for this reason that an experienced and reliable roofer is required, who has experience in Zinc Roofing.

Here at Roofers Auckland we are exactly that and will be able to use our top notch skills to create a quality product at a reasonable cost. You will be able to relax, knowing that we are dedicated to our customers, and that your roofing project will come in on time, on budget, and with a flawless result. Call Roof Auckland / 0800 766 328 or email us now.

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Copper roofing and cladding is an obvious choice for the discerning home and business owner.

There are many benefits of using copper in your construction. Here are just a handful…



Whilst copper won’t last forever the typical lifespan is 80-100 years.


Copper is an attractive metal roofing material which may increase your home’s resale value. It also has exceptional curb appeal.


Copper is highly resistant to corrosion, fire, hail, and mildew, reducing ongoing maintenance costs.



Copper reflects the sun keeping your home cool in the summer months and reducing the need for air-conditioning or cooling sytems.

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