Butynol Rubber Roofing Material Ideal For Auckland

Butynol on Auckland Property

Butynol Roof on Auckland Property

Residential and commercial roofing in Auckland can be challenging due to the extreme temperature and weather changes that occur. Therefore it is imperative that careful consideration is made towards choosing the most appropriate roofing material. Using a rubber roofing membrane such as Ardex Butynol will ensure that your roofing surface will remain low maintenance and completely waterproof, even in ever changing environmental conditions.

Butynol roofing is a waterproof membrane used to cover an existing roof surface, perfect for flat or unusual shaped roofs. Ardex Butynol is a synthetic butyl rubber membrane and is commonly used within the Auckland region due to its resistance to aging caused by UV sunlight and heat, as well as its ability to maintain its flexibility during extreme temperatures.

Butynol Applicators

Butynol is one of the most common waterproofing systems used when laying rubber roofing on flat or rounded roofs within New Zealand. Impervious to water, Butynol is the ideal material choice for use on not only roofs but also decks and balconies where complete water protection is required. Because of this, decisions made about internal moisture control should be made during the design process, rather than upon application.

Butynol roofing is available in three thicknesses, ranging from 1.0mm for roofs, gutters and light traffic areas, 1.5mm for decking and 2.25mm for heavy duty areas and can be custom made upon request. In order to ensure that warranties for the product are valid, you will need to choose an approved Butynol applicator (phone 0800 766 328 or email us using the form to your right) to lay the rubber roofing membrane and use the correct application thickness for the area you require it in.

The Best Rubber Membrane

Many buildings throughout Auckland have roofs or decks  that were laid over 40 years ago or more, which is testament to the high quality and durable finish this rubber membrane provides. However Butynol roof repairs in Auckland and around the country, are easily and quickly available through registered Butynol applicators or registered roofing companies like us.

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