Coloured Steel Sellers and Manufacturers

When it comes to prepainted coloured steel, there are many different profiles and NZ companies that manufacture prepainted steel and the quality can vary too. These various manufacturers offer a wide range of colours and also types of the product. Prepainted roofing companies include ColorCote, Dimond Roofing and New Zealand Steel (NZ Steel) which has its own branded and trademarked COLORSTEEL®. The colours vary dependent on the manufacturer.

The beauty of prepainted roofing is that its hard-wearing, has a baked-on paint finish and is specifically designed to impede flaking, fading and peeling to deliver you  long-term, low maintenance performance. Pre-painted roofing is New Zealand’s most popular form of roofing material because of it’s cost and ease of installation.

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Colorsteel NZDifferent Types and Colours

As mentioned there are three main prepainted steel roofing companies in NZ.

New Zealand Steel manufacturers and sells a wide selection of different brands under the single company. These brands include COLORSTEEL® ENDURA®, COLORSTEEL® MAXX® and COLORSTEEL® DRIDEX®.

COLORSTEEL® ENDURA® is the most cost effective roofing and cladding choice for most residential homes and commercial buildings and comes in 20 standard colours and has a conditional 15 year warranty. COLORSTEEL® MAXX® has a superior coating to ENDURA® and has been designed for houses close to a marine environment i.e. coastal homes.

COLORSTEEL® is only manufactured by New Zealand Steel.

For more than 30 years ColorCote® has been one of New Zealand’s leading brands of pre-painted metal roofing and cladding products and has more than 80 standard colours. If the colours available don’t suit your requirements then they can produce a custom colour just for you!

Dimond Roofing has a prepainted roofing product with many of the same colours listed and in contemporary corrugated iron roofing profiles along with traditional profiles and offers metal spouting solutions too.

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Here are a list of some of the popular colours available from COLORSTEEL®:

  • Titania
  • Cloud
  • Desert Sand
  • Gull Grey
  • Sandstone Grey
  • Slate
  • Ironsand
  • Thunder Grey
  • Windsor Grey
  • New Denim Blue
  • Grey Friars
  • Ebony
  • Lignite
  • Karaka
  • Lichen
  • Pioneer Red
  • Scoria
  • Permenant Green
  • Mist Green
  • Kelp
  • Gable Green
  • Spring Green
  • FlaxPod®
  • TidalDrift®

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