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Are you on the look out for North Shore Roofers? If you are then you’re now in the right place, as we’re Auckland’s most experienced and qualified roofing company. What does that mean to you?

  • We have decades of experience so there’s little we haven’t seen or done – this saves us time and you money.
  • We’re qualified Ardex Butynol applicators and have both commercial and residential home experience.
  • We’re based on the Auckland North Shore so you won’t get expensive traveling costs tacked onto your bill.
  • You can rely on the fact that we’re Licensed Building Practitioners – that means we are government tested and approved.
  • We follow Site Safe practice – no shonky working conditions – your safety is our concern.
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Flashing on Endura Colour Steel Roof

Roofing Types

Depending if you have a house in The Bays, Takapuna or Albany, you’re going to want to make the right choice of roofing materials. Even different types of steel roofing can impact on longevity and sloppy workmanship like leaving roof cutting filings behind can quickly cause rust that will never quit.

It’s important that you get the best advice on which roofing type will suit not only your home but the type of location it’s in. Certainly being on the coast with sea spray can have an affect, so using a product like Colorsteel Maxx is the best option.

There are many colour options as well. We’d be happy to show you what’s on offer. Just give us a call on 0800 766 328 or complete our online contact form now.

Copper Roofing & Coloursteel

Most of our work revolves around Butynol, copper roofing and Coloursteel. These are the most versatile roofing products on the market and without question the most popular type of roofs in suburbs like Devonport and Glenfield. Copper roofing lasts and last and gets overtime a nice green colouring such as seen on the Beehive in Wellington. Copper roofs are virtually maintenance free, however they are more expensive.

Longrun Colour Steel is New Zealand’s favorite type of roof. There is the traditional corrugated iron through to more contemporary profiles, so a look that will suit your home is available.

If you’re re-roofing you can choose to change the profile but some homes are better suited to specific profiles than others.

Butynol Roofers

Butynol roofing involves the binding of two layers to give you a butyl roof that will be impervious to the elements for many, many years. Usually Butynol is used on flat roofs or roofs of different shapes. There are also Butynol decks which allow you to have a outdoor living area above a room. As Auckland roofers we’ve completed dozens if not hundreds of Butynol roofs.

Get in touch with us now, call your North Shore roofers on 0800 766 328 or to get a call back complete our contact form to your right.