Standing Seam Roofs NZ Conditions Meet European Style

A roof that really tops your home off

Looking good, but why else would you want a standing seam roof?

Firstly, after deciding on all your aesthetic options, you don’t want to have to replace your roof. Not only would you not want the expense, you’ve already decided on getting the most stylish roof available, so why would you want to get another one?

That’s why standing seam roofs are so good. Standing seam roofs have superb durability. Their long-lasting, energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly qualities mean you will have true peace of mind for many decades to come. No roof worries. Your new roof will last well over 30 years and require virtually no maintenance. Bliss!

Your roof will not crack, shrink or rust. The solid covering is able to move under thermal expansion. Standing seam is one of the most stable and durable roofs for hurricane grade winds and hail. Absolutely perfect for the weather New Zealand throws at us. We know this how? Because we have installed standing seam roofs NZ houses still wear with pride.

Top your home with that exquisite, modern look coupled with superb durability.

Long Lines

Standing seam is a metal roofing system with vertical metal panels that run from the ridge of the roof all the way down to the eaves. The seams sit above the level of the roofing itself.

Design Fexibility

Got a split-level property or a home with varying roof heights, shapes and design features? The combination of panel widths, seam profiles, and rib heights means you can choose from many sizes and styles. Shapes can vary from a standard parallel tray to a conical tray with straight or curved sheets. It can be used for complex designs such as turrets and curved roofs, to enhance the appearance of any building. Great optics.

The Edge

The upturned edge of each metal panel connects it to the adjacent panel, creating a distinctive vertical line – the standing seam – which gives this system its characteristic, trendy, modern look and no leaks.

Leak Free

What that means for you, apart from the fact the roof looks really good, is that there are no exposed screws or fasteners, no potential sources of leaks. Standing seam roofs incorporate concealed fasteners, making it more watertight than a ribbed or corrugated iron roof.

Standing Seam Roofs - How Are They Installed?

Standing seam is a wide tray roofing system which can be roll-formed on site. The panels are fixed to solid substrates such as plywood or timber sarking, or can even be installed over existing roofing material. It is the ideal cladding for roof, facade, soffit and fascia areas.

To learn more send us an email about standing seam roofs or free phone your Auckland roofer on 0800 766 328.

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