Tips For Roofing Your Coastal Whangaparaoa Property

New Chimney Flashing and Roof

New Chimney Flashing and Roof

Having a property in and around Whangaparaoa means that it is constantly subjected to a wide variety of harsh coastal weather conditions, meaning that choosing the most appropriate roofing type for this environment is vitally important. With a wide variety of roofing materials available to choose from for your new roof or re-roofing project, you will be spoilt for choice!

Materials Most Suitable Coastal Conditions

Around the coast, homes are subjected to massive amounts of salt, water and wind, which mean they must withstand attacks from corrosion and high winds. Therefore many home owners are choosing to use metal roofing materials such as Coloursteel but with the extra Maxx coating, copper, steel and zinc.

Metal roofing materials react differently according to the environmental conditions in which they are used. With extreme coastal conditions in mind, doing your research on how different metals react to large quantities of wind, salt and water can mean you either keep your new roof looking great for around 40 years or end up replacing it in 10.

Copper roofing in a coastal area will react and turn green quicker than in a copper roof away from the coast, which is great if that is the image you want to achieve. However if you are wanting a low maintenance roofing option, choosing a product like Colorsteel roofing will give you a painted roof with excellent water repellent properties.

Butynol Rubber Membrane Ideal for Whangaparaoa Roofs

Roofs need to be completely waterproof and sealed from the daily weather challenges they face. Using a product such as Butynol, which is a rubber membrane applied upon a roof or decking surface, means that you are adding an additional layer of protection against the elements and one which can keep your roof in top condition for longer.

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